Permanent Orientation Course

The church was previously known as Saint – Pierre d’Hautpoul and is still the center of the oldest parish of Mazamet which spread itself on the high areas of the Hautpoul. The church is mentioned on some document first in 933. The church was in several occasion mentioned through the war and also due to weathering. The current structure was completed in 1824.

The different states of growth of the softwood forest (first, Epicéa and Douglas) are well represented. The resining massif of the Montage Noire in the year 1950, due to agricultural recovery , did not help to the diversification of the species. This very closed bio-top benefit few species such as the black flowers, the wren ,the cross beak , some firs and black pic This is the largest one and can reach 51 cm . His plumage all black and cover with a red hut. His drum constituted by the percussion of his beak on dry branches and the main tronc, constitute the percussion which can be audible to over than one kilometer. When left, the segment is taken over by several birds and insect as well as by honey.

When watching toward the pic de Nore, you can see several open areas (bruyeres land, dry lands, agropastoral lands) . Busards Saint Martin et Cendré, Engoulevent d’Europe all spices which love the environment and sites.

Position next borne :

N 43° 28’ 20,00’’ E 2° 23’ 14,37’’